Thursday, January 15, 2009


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Why The Jews Especially Massacred The Palestinian Children?

The question of why the barbaric Israeli military aggression, which had been ongoing since the 27th December 2008, was focussing itself on slaughtering Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip, has now been answered! As everobody knows, after two weeks had passed, the number of casualties caused by the holocaust have now reached over 900, and almost half of that number is made up of children. Other than because of the nature of the Jews, of not having pure hearts, the targetting of children is not a co-incidence.A few months ago, in line with the Ramadhan of 1429 Hijriah, Khaled Misyal, the leader of Hamas, appointed around 3500 Palestinian children who have become hafidz (memorizers of Al-Quran. Those children who have memorized 30 juzs of Al-Quran have become a source of fear for the Zionist Jews. "If in the age of as young as that, they have already mastered the Quran, imagine what would they become in 20 years time from now?" Thus the thought that lingered in the mind of the Jews.It was no surprise that the Palestinian children have become memorizers of Al-Quran, the conditions in Gaza which had been blockaded by Israel made their interactions with Al-Quran constantly intense. They do not play 'video-games' or any other toys commonly played by their counterparts in other parts of the world. Thus, the condition have spurred them to become memorizers of the Qur'an (hafidz) at a very young age. Now, because of the fear of the invaders, around 500 of those young Qur'an memorizers have become shaheed.

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